its really funny.

4.2.08 17:19

Are You True?
i read something that made me smile today.
thank you stranger. i love smiles that you can't hold back
even if it's just for a moment. - <3

people think i see the worst in people, but they don't
see that i also see the best in people. it's what keeps
me hanging on; it's what keeps me from being a total
bitch to anyone.
i've heard it all. i've heard so many stories, and i know about
the things that have gone on in many lives. nothing really ever
surprises me anymore, and it's also why when someone does
tell me something i don't see them any differently. drugs?
drinking? sex? sexual abuse? physical abuse? aating disorder?
depression? cutting? burning? nobody is ever alone. none of
that is new. and i've been through some of those things myself.
it's sad really - that people hate one another. things would be
so much easier if we just gave one another a break. the one
thing i don't understand is why people can easily go out of their
way to ruin someone's day, but it' so hard for people to go out
of their way to make someone's day better.
i remember people would always say i was "nice",
but in reality all i was doing was being !courteous!. i
don't understand how the world has so little of that now
that when someone does show it, it stands out. because
now people are use to rudeness, and unkind gestures.
anything but that is different. 

And for some reason, i can still forgive those who
do treat people like shit, because I do believe
that everyone has some good inside them.

2.2.08 15:20

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